A Prayer For Your Health

101 Success Hacks
By 101 Success Hacks / January 24, 2016
To you who are reading this…


I would like to pray for your health today. Many times, we neglect our health in return for something; be it wealth, career, relationships etc, and taking it for granted. But sometimes, things just don’t happen the way we want it to be – we get struck down unexpectedly by a health condition or any other sicknesses. When times like these happen, we have to stay strong and fight the good fight of faith!


As I am typing this right now, some of you are in the midst of a health struggle. I know how miserable and painful it feels to not be at the pink of health. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a prayer to you.


“Dear heavenly Father, I thank you that our health is in your hands. Thank you Daddy God that by your stripes, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). Lord, restore back to us the health that has been taken away, and heal us from all sicknesses, diseases and health conditions that are hurting us right now. I confess that our bodies are whole, strong, and our youth renewed like the eagles (Psalms 103:5). The doctors do not have the final say in my condition, but Lord you do (Rev 22:13). You are the Alpha and the Omega, and nothing ever escapes your eye. I place my trust in your deep love for me. Daddy God, just as you restore the blind and healed the lame, you want me well and I receive my healing right now in Jesus’s name, amen!”


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