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Jackson YewFounder, Styrke Technology

Applying the knowledge gained through Shawn Josiah's 101 Success Hacks, my team efficiency has greatly increased!

Anthony JamesLos Angeles, USA

Thank you, Shawn! Your 101 Success Hacks inspires me a lot to change my life and to know more about myself, I could discover parts of me that I never knew existed. My income and mental health have never been this better. Thank you so much for this free course.

Danielle MooreNew York, USA

While the support I've received from you has been more than amazing and quite surprising, as when I signed up for this program, I was a little skeptical about it. But over the past months, I've received nothing but pure support and positive vibes to kind of lighten up my days as well as getting a grip of the consciousness and combating negativity. Highly recommended for anyone who has been going through rough times in life. Keep doing what you are doing Shawn, THANK YOU!


Supercharge Your SUCCESS!

Click the button below to get access to the 101 Success Hacks and
start living the life you always wanted!

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Shawn Josiah

Who's behind 101 Success Hacks?

Hi, I am Shawn Josiah, the mastermind behind this site.

Many years ago, I was just a normal soldier searching for the next breakthrough. I realized that success never come through a lone ranger working tirelessly on his own, or through endless rounds of trial and error without knowing what went wrong, but through proper guidance, constant encouragement and practical advice to avoid those costly mistakes and increase your time. That is what I am here for!

I spent several years to research on practical self-development techniques, tools and knowledge, and finally came up with my very own 101 Success Hacks eBook, and I am NOT going to take a single cent from sharing it with you!